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Axis Football League

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Axis Football League


Axis Football League is a fast-paced and enjoyable American football game in which you can engage in numerous football matches and leagues. Choose from a variety of AFL teams, including the San Diego Storm, New England Volunteers, and New York Rockets; each team has unique stats and specializes in different aspects of the game, including as passing, blocking, and rushing.


You can choose from a variety of plays and formations before you begin; attempt to pick a good formation that will assist your team score a touchdown! During each play, you have control of the quarterback and must decide whether to pass or run; if you pass, you will assume control of the next player who receives the ball.


  • Many team options with strength information
  • Various formations that you can use in the game
  • Complete American Football gameplay


  • WASD to control a character
  • Left click to change player
  • Space bar to kick