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Baseball is a sports game that allows you to play as a hitter in the classic American pastime from the comfort of your own home! There are two game modes to choose from, and both are equally entertaining.


You have a chance to earn a walk-off victory in the bottom of the ninth inning. Your team is in the batter’s box, and you’re down 4 points. To win the game, you must score 5 runs with only 3 outs available.


Arcade mode gives you a straightforward goal. You’ll be given ten pitches and must hit the ball into the target in the outfield. The greater the score, the closer the ball is to the target’s center. The challenge of

Click on the screen to swing your bat. The position of your cursor when you click determines how the ball is hit (e.g. hitting the ball in a lower position sends the ball flying a little higher but with a lower forward distance).