Beach Soccer

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Click and drag to aim your shot at the goal. Because there are so many balls, you’ll have to fire them all into the goal at times. Blue balls can only be launched once, while purple balls must be knocked into the goal by another ball. While avoiding the leaping crabs, try to get all three stars.




Tricks and hints:




Allow yourself plenty of time to aim. Similar to previous aiming games, you’ll be provided the angle and route your ball will take when you click on it. Drag the guideline ahead with your mouse to acquire a wider shot. The larger the photo, the further apart the dots will appear. If you don’t want your shot to be as powerful as it may be,Keep the dots closer together for a slower roll instead of stretching the guide as far as feasible.


Take advantage of the obstacles. As you progress through the stages, you’ll come across various leaping crabs. These will impede your shot, unlike the immobile crabs in the background. Using the jumping crabs, you may ricochet your ball and clear tricky angles. You can also bounce your ball off the walls and platforms on each level.


Other balls must be scored before they can be scored. On levels with a lot of soccer balls, it’s best to save the main orange ball until last. Because you can take as many shots as you like with the orange ball, it’s best to concentrate on putting blue or purple balls into the goal.

Keep a tight eye on the time. You may lose points even if you get all three stars in a level, depending on how quickly it was completed. We recommend scoring your goal(s) as soon as possible if you want to keep everything 100% and get all three stars on each stage!
How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game


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