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Middle Ages is the latest episode in the Castel Wars series. You may try out Medieval weaponry and equipment in the new episode. Two separate game modes and newly themed themes await you, just as in the previous game. Instead of catapults, you now have cannons. Cannon guns are far more powerful and lethal than machine guns. The game also includes new armor, fire arrows, and swords. Wings are the most amazing piece of equipment! You can drop slowly from above if you obtain a wing boost. The game can be played with one or two players. Let the battle commence!
How to play

Blue Player

Move: AD

Jump: W

Create block: S

Hit: E (hold to throw the weapon)

Change weapons: Q

Red Player

Move: left and right arrow keys

Jump: up arrow key

Create block: down arrow key

Hit: spacebar (hold to throw the weapon)

Change weapons: M


Youtube Preview