Cut The Rope

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Cut the Rope and get away with it! Meet Om-Nom, one of the most adorable video game characters of all time! He’s always on the search for something yummy to eat, and he’ll need your help to find it as he solves the many puzzles. Join Om-Nom on this scrumptious trip and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test while he munches on the delicacies you feed him.


Cut the Rope has a straightforward gameplay that everyone can pick up fast. As the player, your job is to cut the ropes that the sweets are linked to and deliver them to Om-Nom, the main character. When utilizing those scissors, be careful! Take a close look at the level design before you start cutting ropes.


You must determine the impact of gravity on the situation. In other stages, the sweets will be connected to a large number of ropes. To complete the level successfully, you must choose which ropes to cut. The candy will become stuck if you cut the wrong rope, leaving Om-Nom with watery eyes and you with an unfinished level. The importance of timing cannot be overstated. Maintain your focus on the goodies. If you time your cut correctly, you’ll be able to sail over each level. Om-Nom is a patient creature, so there’s no need to rush. There are three golden stars on each level. It is optional to collect them, although doing so will increase your overall score for the level. If you miss to collect something, you can restart the level at any moment.


  • Various puzzles to solve
  • Funny character, Om-Nom
  • Many levels to play
  • Physics to play with


How to play

Use the left mouse button to cut the rope and interact with other items.


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