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Cyber Racer Battles classic racing game, the races in space will be a great experience. Join the game with two different game modes. Get prepared to go on a Cyber Racer Battles journey in which you’ll have moments of fighting and competition in space!

Three game modes are included in the game. There are Race, Mission, and Free Roam modes. You can play Race and Free Roam in single-player or two-player game mode between these modes. If you play the races in single-player mode, you get coins from the races if you are able to win and with these coins, you can purchase new hovers. You can find six maps in Race mode. Any map will receive a gradual reward. There are twelve maps of battles in mission game mode, each colorful and tough.

You can purchase new guns, including an engine gun, a laser gun, or homing rocket, for any Hover you have purchased from the SHOP menu. In particular, you obviously need an armed if you want to play the mission play game mode and you can buy a machine gun at the start of the game. You need even weapons for meteoric or floating battles in Free mode. The pace, acceleration, handling, and shield of each Hover in the game garage vary. You would require new hovers by proceeding in task and race mode. Recall checking new garage hovers.

How to play

Player 1:

Use WASD to move

Use the F key to shoot rockets

Use the G key to the Machine gun/Laser gun

Use the R key to fix the hover position

Player 2:

Use ARROW KEYS to move

Use the O KEY to shoot rockets

Use the P key to the Machine gun/Laser gun

Use the L key to fix the hover position

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