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Drunken Boxing 2 is an attractive boxing sports game, you will control one of two players to launch powerful punches to win. Join your friends in this game!


In the game, you can play completely free alone or with friends! Enjoy the second part of this fun game! Drunken Boxing 2 offers a new gaming experience with renewed animations, effects, and 3D graphics. Try to control the Drunken Boxers and throw quick punches at your opponent but watch out for your Energy Bar! If you run out of energy, it will take a while for you to recover. Make forward and backward moves, throw quick punches, and win the match!


It will take a long time for you to regain power if you lose it. Drunken Boxing 2 game has 1 player and 2 player modes. The match is won by the first player to obtain a score of 5 in the game!


Features of the game


The famous boxing sports game based on the physical phenomenon

Vivid 3D graphics in every match


How to play

PLAYER 1: Use “Arrow Keys”

PLAYER 2: Use “W, A, S, D”


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