DuckPark io

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Duckpark io is a water slide racing simulator with high speeds, amazing leaps, and the cutest racers in the universe, so brace yourself for the most furious rubber ducky game you’ll ever play. To beat out the other ducks and be the first to reach the bathtub, follow the path of the slide, leap off, and land deeper down.

This game, situated in a pleasant bathroom, is everything but soothing: dozens of yellow ducks controlled by real people try to cross the finish line of a large (relatively speaking) track suspended in mid-air that leads to the ultimate goal – a lavish bathtub. Your goal is to manage the track’s twists and turns while avoiding slipping on the floor tiles and flying off to a lower level on occasion.
How to play

Join a game

To immediately join the next game, click ‘Solo.’ DuckPark io’s racing is simple since you don’t have to turn turns. To score points and move forward, strafe left to right to grab boosts and knock other ducks off the course.

Get the advantage

DuckPark also has the potential to fly off the edge of the track to get a significant advantage. That is, assuming you are able to pull it off. It’s game over if you fall to the ground, and your duck will shake its head in displeasure. Using the boosters around the track is another method to fly off the edge.

Upgrade your duck

After you’ve completed a few games, you’ll be rewarded with gold, which you can use to enhance your duck’s appearance.

Use mouse, WSAD or arrow keys to steer. Keep an eye out for speed boosters indicated by green arrows and violet barriers that can slow you down if you hit them. Play a game and become the fastest ducky in the world!

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