Eggys Big Adventure

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Eggys Big Adventure is a fun game from the Eggys Games series. In this game, shadow creatures are invading the blessed egg realms! Only one egg – Eggy – has the power to stop the tide and save the day. You must help our hero save the egg planets by gathering as many eggs from the wrathful shadow creatures as possible.


To avoid the shadow creatures and collect the eggs in each level, you must utilize logic and puzzle-solving skills. Will you be able to complete them all? Each level presents a distinct challenge; will you be able to complete them all? There are almost 20 levels to complete, and the physics-based action is incredible. It’s time to preserve the egg planets today!
Feature : 


  • A cool platformer game featuring an egg character, Eggy
  • More than 20 worlds to complete
  • Neat physics-based gameplay
  • English voice over for the characters


How to play

  • Left/right arrows – Move left/right
  • Up arrow – Jump
  • E – Enter door


Youtube Preview