Fall of Guy Rocket Hero

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It’s not every day that you can find and play rocket shooting games on our website, let alone one that involves the Fall Guys, the well-known characters from the video game of the same name, but we’re delighted to finally offer with you this mouse skill game that you won’t regret playing.


Shoot the rockets to become the Fall Guy’s hero:


You’ll be in command of the good guy with the rocket at the bottom, who must fire missiles at the evil fall people perched atop platforms that, of course, fluctuate in height.


Shoot the rockets with the mouse, touching and holding the mouse to manipulate the angle, then releasing it when ready to launch.


Shooting them gives you money as well as points, and you can gain shields, new weapons, and upgrades to help you in battle.


If you miss your target, they’ll shoot you and kill you if you don’t have any defenses, forcing you to restart with a fresh set of opponents to defeat.


We wish you luck and, of course, urge you to stick around and play all of our amazing games!
How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game


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