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Fireboy and Watergirl (by Oslo Albet) on an adventure through the Crystal Temple! Teleport from one side to the other. Complete all challenging levels. Watch out for all dangers and observe the colors of the teleporters. Switch between Fireboy & Watergirl- but watch out; Fireboy cannot touch water, and Watergirl cannot touch fire.


Portals can teleport objects like boxes, which you can push through them. Pay attention to the colors of portals, a white portal will teleport to another white portal, and a black one will teleport to another black portal, and so on. If you are not careful, you might teleport yourself directly onto a pool that will kill your character.


If you finish all 36 levels of the Crystal Temple, continue the fun with the Elements Temple, the 5th and last game of the series.

How to play

  • Arrow keys to control Fireboy
  • A W D to control Watergirl


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