FNF Indie Cross – [Friday Night Funkin’]

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FNF Indie Cross – [Friday Night Funkin’]


Friday Night Funkin’, a spectacular and epic crossover mod with a demo week with three songs, has brought together iconic characters from indie games in FNF Indie Cross. Boyfriend’s first opponent will be Cuphead, the protagonist of Studio MDHR’s platform game. In a throwback environment appropriate to the game, he will challenge you to a rap duel on the tune Snake Eyes. Cuphead’s Floral Fury level can be seen in the backdrop. Boyfriend will battle Sans (the protagonist of Toby Fox’s independent game Undertale) in his second duel on the song Sansational. The scene will change to a retro black and white aesthetic after a rhythmic but classic initial portion.



You’ll need even more concentration than in the original game, thanks to a new mechanic. False bone notes will indeed appear on the screen; do not press them! The renowned Bendy, hero of multiple Joey Drew Studios products and also world famous for the game and song of the same name Bendy And The Ink Machine, will be Boyfriend’s third and last opponent! On the song Last Reel, you’ll have to compete against Beast Bendy (Bendy after his transformation). This week’s ultimate difficulty will be the frantic beats; stay concentrated since Bendy will undoubtedly try to divert your attention!

  • Director: MORØ
  • Artists: JzBoyOfficial – SugarRatio – Cally3D – RiverOaken
  • Programmers: BrightFyre – srPerez – Sector03 – PolybiusProxy – ash – isophoro – KadeDev – Gedehari
  • Musics: YingYang48 – Saruky – Rozebud – Brandxns – BLVKAROT – bbpanzu – Tenzubushi – CDMusic – JoanAtlas – TheInnuendo – Orenji – Mike Geno – DAGames – CrystalSlime – EZHALT – JellyFishEdm
  • Charters: AlchoholicDj – Cval – Cerbera – hexar_0 – kal05
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