FNF Vs. AGOTI – [Friday Night Funkin’]

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FNF Vs. AGOTI – [Friday Night Funkin’]

In this mod for Friday Night Funkin’, show off your sense of rhythm against AGOTI, the main character and dynamic singer (FNF). Boyfriend and Girlfriend were walking down the street one night when they came upon a strange path that lead them into an unknown and mysterious world where they came face to face with AGOTI. The only way out is to compete in a musical duel against the mysterious singer on three songs (Screenplay, Parasite, and Agoti). You’ll be able to learn more about this intriguing figure whose secret will be revealed only at the end of the game! Standard, Flip, Chaos, One Arrow, and Stair are among the six difficulty levels available in the mod, as well as five possibilities for playing the entire week.

BrightFyre – Verwex / Music: TheInnuendo / Animation : SugarRatio / Charting: Kullix

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