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FNF Vs. Bob and Bosip

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FNF Vs. Bob and Bosip


The Expansion Upgrade for FNF Vs Bob and Bosip is a significant update to the mod. It includes two new weeks and seven new songs, presented in two completely narrated storylines. During the first week, dubbed In The Background, you’ll be up against four distinct opponents: Blu, Mini, Jghost, and Cerberus, all of whom are seeking to prove their value in song against the star Boyfriend.


During the week, you can play as Bob and Bosip, who will have to sing against a peculiar character named Bob, and then as Boyfriend, who will have to perform a musical fight against Ron, another iconic figure.

  • Developers: ash237 – Cerbera – Tae Yai
  • Artists: blusky – OhSoVanilla – TheMaskedChris – FORE – LiterallyNick – Fran.B- Typic – ScorchVx
  • Musicians: DPZ – Ardolf – Vlusky – Boom Kitty – SplatterDash – SirHadoken – HJfod – LiterallyNoOne
  • Voice actors: MikeTheMagicMan – Jghost – MangooPop – Astro Squid – Seabo – Cerberus – CCougar MacDowall – MiniShoey
  • Miscellaneous: Rakugaki – Wildy – Yoshe – Juniper – phlox – Bon – Dunko & PizzaPancakes – Corrupt