FNF Vs. Garcello – [Friday Night Funkin’]

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FNF Vs. Garcello – [Friday Night Funkin’]

FNF Vs. Garcello (Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle) is an original mod for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes three unheard tracks over the course of a week. While walking around town silently, Boyfriend and Girlfriend saw a peculiar illumination emerging from the corner of an alleyway. Garcello, a mystery man and obsessive smoker, will challenge you in a rhythmic yet melancholic battle. Headache, Nerves, and Release, the three songs you’ll have to perform in combat with the unidentified stranger, will reveal Garcello’s story. Try to finish each song and learn more about the unusual man’s motivation for singing!

Art, Music, Programming : atsuover / Voice samples, Programming : Rageminer

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