FNF Vs. Hex

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FNF Vs. Hex – [Friday Night Funkin’]

FNF Vs. Hex for Friday Night Funkin’ pits you against a mystery robot. Hex is a robot that was originally built to keep a wealthy lone entrepreneur company. Hex found himself abandoned after the death of this person, having grown outdated and suffering from a concealed sickness that was eating him away. Hex, on the other hand, had inherited its creator’s riches and was now attempting to prolong his existence by attempting to meet as many people as possible in order to establish friends. He joined the city’s basketball team, and it was there that he met Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who were spending time together near the stadium. Thus began a four-song rap war with a fifth bonus track. Ram, dunk!



The Weekend Update: This update adds a new week (or rather, a weekend) to the game, as well as five new songs featuring the Hex robot as the protagonist. On Cooling, Detected, and Glitcher, go on a new adventure and sing along with Boyfriend in heated rap fights (remix). You’ll gain access to two more tracks in the freeplay menu once you’ve completed the week: Java and LCD. The menus have also been redesigned, and new features have been introduced!


Artist, Composer: YingYang48 / Programmer : Kade Dev / Background artist: DjCat

Main animator: Moro / Assistants animators: JzBoy – MamiPipO / Mod assistance: taro4012


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