Giant Snowball Rush

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Do you remember how we used to make gigantic snowballs when it snowed a lot in the winter? Please do it again when you’re an adult!


The gameplay in this ball game revolves around a stickman character that must compete in an unusual race. In this walking game, you must push and roll a snowball while running in an online racing game. After a while, you’ll reach the finish line with your massive and fantastic snowball.


In this mobile runner game, players must be patient and flexible. Avoid several difficult obstacles in the running game and don’t let your snowball fall. Remember to collect as many props and gold coins as possible in these outdoor running games. The snowball will expand into a big snowball if you keep scrolling. This huge snowball, however, has a disadvantage. It will become increasingly harder to handle in this snow run game. Are you searching to play some animal games? Hello Cats is a fun game to play.
How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game


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