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Good Guys vs Bad Boys is a bloody and tough first-person shooter, teaming up with the good guys and fending off the bad guys in a team fight to the death!



Because of its fascinating elements, this is an online 3D game that a large number of gamers like. In each camp, there will be a maximum of 16 participants. To begin, you’ll be given a knife, a pistol, and an AK47, and you’ll be given a knife, a pistol, and an AK47. Your objective is to kill all of the enemies alongside your colleagues so that your team may win the battle whenever the opponent’s squad is outnumbered and you are still alive.


Choose the location you wish to play in, and the server will set up fights for you to participate. When you pick a room, the left top of the screen displays statistics such as mouse sensitivity, the number of bad/good people, the player list, and other attributes. Join your friends in this thrilling action game now!

How to play


Use WASD to move.


Use Mouse to look around and fire.


Use TAB to look menu.



Youtube Preview