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Grand Action Simulator: New York Car Gang

2.9/5 - (24 votes)
Grand Action Simulator: New York Car Gang


Grand Action Simulator: New York Car Gang is a fantastic open-world crime game that resembles the famed Grand Theft Auto series. You must play as a vicious criminal with city-wide ambitions who wants to lead a criminal empire and take over New York City by any means necessary. Explore the cityscape and acquire money in whatever way you see fit.


This money can then be used to buy weapons, armor, and vehicles! You can either be harsh and brutal in building your empire, or you can try to be kind and kind-hearted. Assassinate rival crime lords and criminals who are attempting to take your control and amass as much cash as they can. Don’t forget that you have the option to


  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • T: open nearby garage
  • Left click: shoot or punch
  • Space bar: jump
  • Left shift: run
  • X: switch weapon
  • F: open car
  • R: open nearby shop
  • G: grenade
  • Z: switch grenade
  • C: switch vehicle camera


Garbage truck controls

  • Pitchfork up: Z
  • Pitchfork down: X
  • Dump start: Q
  • Dump end: E
  • Lift container: space bar