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Gunspin is a physics game in which you shoot a gun and try to keep it flying as long as you can. To make your gun travel even further, upgrade it with more bullets and power.


Playing Instructions

Fire your weapon.

Shoot your gun to the left with all of your shots to send it flying as far as you can. Every metre you travel earns you a penny. You can spend the coins you earn to buy more bullets, power, and ammo boxes.


Unlock new weapons.

At the end of each round, you can unlock a new gun by reaching a certain distance. Each gun has its own sound and stats, so choose your favorite and use it to optimize your score!

  • Travel the furthest distance – it’s addictive
  • Challenge your friends to beat your score
  • Unlock new guns with unique stats
  • Upgrade your guns to travel further



  • Press the left mouse button to shoot.