Happy Wheels 2

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Fancy Force’s Happy Wheels is a fun and entertaining obstacle course game. Your goal is to guide your character through a maze of perilous hazards.

At the start of the game, pick your riders and race to your destination while avoiding risky paths, dangerous barriers, and hazards.

Even though it appears that you are nearing the end, the player must remain cautious and precise. It is preferable to laugh heartily, relax, and forget about the dreary weekdays when playing the Happy Wheels game.

The bumps that cause your racer to suffer give the game a strong sense of realism.
Happy Wheels tips and tricks

  • On your first attempt, don’t go too quickly!
  • Replay levels to improve your leaderboard standing.
  • To make it through the stages uninjured, use the tilt controls correctly.

How to play

  • Shift + Ctrl + z to eject – Secondery actions
  • Space = Primary action – after ejecting: grab
  • Left arrow (<- ) = Lean Back
  • Right arrow (->) = Lean forward
  • Down arrow = Decelerate
  • Up Arrow = Accelerate
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