Island Princess Nail Emergency

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Island Princess Nail Emergency



Embark on a glamorous rescue mission with “Island Princess Nail Emergency,” a thrilling addition to the world of New Girl Games Dress Up. Dive into a tropical paradise where the Island Princess is in need of a nail emergency rescue. Unleash your creativity and styling skills as you navigate through a plethora of colors, patterns, and accessories to restore her nails to their glamorous glory.



“Island Princess Nail Emergency” is not just a game; it’s a stylish adventure where you play the role of a fashion savior. The Island Princess needs your expertise to fix her nail emergency and restore the glamour to her fingertips. Explore a variety of nail treatments, colors, and accessories to create a dazzling look that befits the tropical elegance of the island setting.



How to Play:


  • Assess the Damage: Examine the Island Princess’s nails and identify the issues that need attention.
  • Nail Treatments: Choose from a selection of nail treatments, colors, and patterns to revive her nails.
  • Creative Styling: Unleash your creativity by mixing and matching colors, patterns, and accessories.
  • Tropical Accessories: Elevate the look with accessories inspired by the island setting.
  • Snapshot Moments: Capture the glamourous transformation with the in-game camera.





  • Nail Emergency Rescue: Take on the role of a stylist and rescue the Island Princess’s nails from a fashion crisis.
  • Variety of Treatments: Access a range of nail treatments, colors, and patterns to create a stunning look.
  • Creative Styling: Mix and match colors and accessories to craft a glamorous and tropical nail design.
  • Tropical Accessories: Choose from a selection of accessories inspired by the island setting to complete the look.
  • Snapshot Moments: Use the in-game camera to capture and share the dazzling transformation.





  • Web Browsers
  • Mobile Devices





  • On a Computer: Use your mouse to navigate through the nail treatments, colors, and accessories, creating a dazzling island-inspired nail design.
  • On Mobile Devices: Tap and swipe to explore options, mix and match, and capture the glamorous transformation with the in-game camera.
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