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Madness Hydraulic

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Madness Hydraulic


Madness Hydraulic is a shooting game set in an arena that is part of the Madness series. This game contains just as many wacky weapons as the others in the series, but it also has hydraulic arenas, which are a first for the franchise. You must strive to survive waves upon waves of attackers by killing each adversary that spawns with whatever means necessary, such as their own weaponry, all while fighting in an arena that occasionally moves around owing to hydraulic physics.


Keep calm and pick up each gun, then shoot everything that moves in Madness Hydraulic, a wild shooter.

Keyboard Controls

  • Attack = A
  • Jump = S
  • Swap weapons = D
  • Aim weapon = up and down arrow keys
  • Walk/aim = left and right arrow keys


Mouse Controls

  • Attack = left mouse button
  • Jump = W
  • Swap weapons = S
  • Aim weapon = mouse cursor
  • Walk = A/D