Maze Planet 3D

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Maze Planet 3D is a fun and fascinating puzzle game in which you must guide a ball through a series of difficult 3D mazes, as the name suggests. The mazes are well created and based on some amazing space settings; you can see both sides of the 3D labyrinth and must successfully guide the ball through each panel to reach the end.


As you progress through the mazes, they will become more difficult and intricate. The earliest mazes just include a few tunnels, but as you go through the levels, you’ll have to guide the ball through more twists, turns, and corners. Will you be able to conquer all of the levels and show off your maze-solving skills?


  • Stereographical mazes with a thematic planet
  • Very cool graphics
  • Unlock more ball’s models by earning stars when completing a planet
  • Normal and key mode
  • Adjustable zoom level

How to play

Press WASD or arrow keys to move the ball.


Youtube Preview