Ninja Rabbit

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Welcome to the Ninja Rabbit’s travels! This ninja knows no limitations when it comes to critical duties! This time, our rescuer is summoned to protect the children of the villages from the colossal monster. This is going to be a difficult journey, but keep your heart brave and your faith strong. To save these helpless children, our ninja will need your support. If you’re ready, let the adventure begin!

Even the inhabitants of the animal town require the assistance of a superhero. Ninja rabbit is a brilliant ninja, but he needs help for such an important mission.

That is exactly why you have arrived today! You’re going to defeat the monster and save the kids! In this fascinating adventure game, your mission is to discover the trapped kids and get them to the finish line. You should gather as many carrots as you can along the way. They’ll provide our hero a boost of energy. Throw your hook against the walls and bounce through the paths to proceed. After you’ve rescued the kids, they’ll stick with you wherever you go. When you reach the finish line, you’ll see a “FINISH” button. To finish the level, press the button. Take care of the stumbling blocks! Some methods or themes will make it difficult for you to progress.

Feature : 

  • 2D colorful graphics
  • 12 challenging levels to complete
  • Cute characters to save
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay

How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game

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