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Penny the Penguin goes off track during an Antarctic trek and finds herself completely lost and broke. Help Penny earn enough money to get her home to her family

How to play the Penguin Diner game

Use your mouse to control Penny’s movement by simply clicking on the target location you want her to go to


When a new day in the restaurant begins, click on a customer and seat him at one of the free tables


Wait until the customer lifts his arm, signaling that he is ready to order, then click on the client to go to him and take his order


Wait until food is ready at the bar and then get it to the hungry penguin


Collect the money left on the table after they leave


Make sure that you do everything as fast as possible, as the penguins get angry if they are left waiting, and then you will get less money for serving them


Finish every day in the restaurant by hitting at least the minimum income goal


Use the extra earned money to buy skates that make you faster or entertainment and decor that makes the clients happier


Unlock new restaurants when you have advanced in the game



left mouse click


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