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3D Pocket League Control your car in a soccer sports game in a one- or two-player game. If you want, you can incorporate AI bots in the game. The bots will assist you in competitions. You can make stronger hits by hopping your automobiles. As you double hop, your car would spin in the air and strike even harder. Choose your country’s flag and try to score the most goals to win.
How to play

If playing single:


Use to “ARROW KEYS” Move

Use to”SPACE” Jump

Use to “Double SPACE” Flip

If playing two-player:


Player 1


Use to “ARROW KEYS” Move

Use to “L” Jump

Use to “Double L” Flip

Player 2


Use to “W,A,S,D” Move

Use to “G” Jump

Use to “Double G” Flip


Youtube Preview