Roller Splat

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Roller Splat welcomes you to a colorful tactical journey! Colorful paints should be splattered all over the platforms, corners, and every nook and cranny! The objective of the game is to paint each and every point. Because your ball will not stop when you want it to, think carefully about how you’ll guide it. If you’re ready to find your way out of the mazes, let’s get started!


A labyrinth is present in each level of this engaging puzzle game. And your goal is to roll the colored ball through the maze and paint every single area.


The ball, on the other hand, goes at a rapid pace, posing the game’s most difficult obstacle. You won’t be able to stop it unless it hits the walls. You must create an efficient ball rotation technique and ensure that the maze has no white area. You won’t be able to complete the level if you don’t. Simply move your mouse in the direction you want the ball to go. The up, down, left, and right keyboard arrows can also be used to play. As you go through the game and complete the stages, new balls will become available. Good luck and enjoy yourselves!


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Multiple levels of mazes to be discovered
  • Multiple ball options
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay


How to play

You can play with your mouse. Also, you can use the left arrow to go left, right arrow to go right, up arrow to go up, and down arrow to go down


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