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Royal City Clashers 2

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Royal City Clashers 2

Royal City Clashers 2 is a wonderful fighting simulator that bears some resemblance to older console fighting games. Clones are spreading havoc in Royal City, and you’ve been assigned the responsibility of destroying them and maintaining order. You must choose one of three characters before starting the game. Each one has a unique set of moves and abilities.

After you’ve chosen your avatar, you’ll have to battle clones in a pixelated metropolis! You can begin by using your fists. Weapons, on the other hand, can be found in the trash cans on the streets. Pistols, light sabers, baseball bats, and even gigantic hammers are among the weapons. You can gather coins as you continue, but keep an eye out for food, as it will help you advance.
Player 1 controls

  • WASD to move
  • QE to swap weapon
  • V to run
  • B or space bar to attack
  • N to drop weapon

Player 2 controls (use keypad for number buttons)

  • Arrow keys to move
  • 46 to swap weapon
  • 1 to run
  • 2 or 0 to attack
  • 3 to drop weapon