Slope 3

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Slope 3 is a free online game that you may enjoy. Slope 3 is an endless 3D running game with simple controls, fast speeds, and addictive gameplay.

To steer your ball around the 3D course while avoiding obstacles like red walls, you’ll need to utilize the arrow keys. Players must use the arrow keys on their computer to play Slope 3. The real-time gameplay is straightforward, requiring just minor gesture changes from the player. The ball will move more pronouncedly if players hit the keyboard keys for long periods of time. There are no additional gaming elements save controlling the ball and steering it through the maze. You are not required to complete this course.

Any phases or stages must be completed. To get a high score, keep the ball in play as long as possible. This game may help you improve your reflexes and responses because it is a fast-paced platform game with several obstacles and surprises.


Eye-catching 3D neon graphics.

The rapidly changing levels become more difficult and unpredictable.

Many dangerous obstacles in the form of barricades, dangerous pits and killer walls.

See who is the best – and try to beat them – on the leaderboard.

Beside Lope 3, you can play Slope game online.

How to play

Move left : Left arrow

Move right : Right arrow

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