Speed Boat Extreme Racing

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Speed Boat Extreme Racing invites you to show off your boat-driving skills while having a good time! Invite a friend to join you in this racing simulation game. If you’re a lone driver, you can put your talents to the test in two different game types while competing against other players. If you’re still curious, grab a bite to eat and board your boat to see the island’s independence!


The most spectacular race of your life is about to begin! You’ll see that there are two game modes accessible when you first start playing this great yacht simulation game. The first is the racing mode, in which you try to be the first to cross the finish line. In two-player mode, you can compete against a friend, or you can take on the task on your own. The second option is free drive, which allows you to freely drive the speed boat while also adding to the game’s excitement by introducing a variety of hazards. All you need is a keyboard to play! Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to drive. The nitro is ignited by pressing the “F” key. If you get caught, press the “R” key to restart.



  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Speed boat racing simulation
  • 2 game modes to enjoy
  • 1-Player and 2-player options
  • How to play




  • W,A,S,D or ARROW KEYS: Move.
  • F: NOS.
  • R: restart.
  • T: Look back.
  • C: Switch Camera.



Player 1:


  • W,A,S,D: Move.
  • F: NOS.
  • R: Restart.
  • T: Look Back.
  • C: Switch Camera.



Player 2:  


  • Arrow keys: Move.
  • K: NOS.
  • P: Switch camera
  • O: Restart
  • L: Look back
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