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Squid Fighter is the best boxing solo game inspired by the popular TV series Squid Game. Play in 1 or 2 player modes to defeat opponents with powerful blows.

As one of the disguises or a reckless participant, you will fight to the death today. Dress up as strangers or game participants. Play against the computer or against others on the same keyboard in this free online game. To beat your opponents, use kicks, punches, and special moves. The battle where the first participant wins two rounds. Play Squid Fighter, another great free online game.

How to play

Player 1:
Use WASD to move/jump/crouch
Use F to punch
Use G to kick
Use R to special attack.
Player 2:
Use Arrows to move/jump/crouch
Use K to punch
Use L to kick
Use O to special attack

Youtube Preview