Stabfish io

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Description is a free online game in which you play as a nasty marine beast. Join a multiplayer arena of fish with deadly tusks and hunt down your share of prey while avoiding a stabber. Collect fish as trophies, eat food to gain energy, and control the sea.



In Stabfish, there are several fish enhancements. By accomplishing milestone achievements, you can unlock more aquatic species like killer whales and hammerhead sharks. In-game advantages such as enhanced kill bonuses are available with these unlocked skins.

Weapons include:

Each player is given a simple assignment to complete. After you reach level 4, you can upgrade your quest to a trident. The same logic applies to cold blade and chainsaw upgrades.
Feature : 

  • Aggressive stab or be stabbed gameplay
  • Random bonuses to give you an advantage
  • Kill enemies and eat food to increase your score and boost meter
  • Unlock achievements to upgrade your fish and weaponry arsenal

How to play

To get boosts and a higher score, eat food. By striking from the side and rear, you can eliminate other fish. Your tusk grows longer with each kill. You can be more daring with your strikes if your tusk is long enough.

Your score will rise as you stab more fish. Each fish body will be used to adorn your skewer, serving as a reminder of your ferocious and murderous nature.

You can use your mouse and play this game

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