FNF: Starlight Mayhem

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Starlight Mayhem – [Friday Night Funkin’]

In FNF Starlight Mayhem, a mod for Friday Night Funkin’, you can become a song star and wow Girlfriend in front of a rabid crowd! You decide to take your girlfriend to a local music festival one day and stop to listen to a promising band. CJ, a well-versed musician, has heard of your prior exploits and will immediately recognize you in the audience. You’ll be able to get to know each other on stage, in a battle over three new songs.

Artificial Lust, Inverted Ascension, and Echoes CJ isn’t the best singer, but he’ll be joined by Ruby, who has a great sense of rhythm! TheMaskedChris produced the Starlight Mayhem mod, and you can play the complete week in one of five modes: Standard, Flip, Chaos, One Arrow, or Stair.

After finishing the first week, the Starlight Mayhem Rebooted Update adds a secret week to unlock. Against four new tracks, Parallax, Starstorm, Coda, and It’s Complicated, CJ and Ruby will take on Boyfriend in a rap war.

  • Director, Artist : TheMaskedChris
  • Code : ash237
  • Charting : Cerbera
  • Vocal : Ridinginthered – Miyno_
  • Instruments : Mudstep
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