Stickman Bike Rider

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In Stickman Bike Rider, take control of a bold stick figure and pedal across tracks filled with obstacles. Keep a tight grip on your handlebars, since this route will take you far away and over the hills! With a variety of challenging stages and locations to discover, you can become a world-famous cyclist by performing astonishing feats.


Put your helmet on and fasten your seatbelts, for the action is about to start! To reach the finish line safely in this game, you must complete each level without colliding with any barriers or other objects.


There are 29 stages in total in the game, each with its own design and challenge. This game will transport you to a number of locations, including beautiful jungles and well-known tourist attractions like Egypt. Press the play button to begin the game and select a chapter. At start, only the first level of the first chapter will be unlocked. You must first complete the previous level before moving on to the next. Control your character with the arrow keys. To control the bike, press the left and right arrow keys, then use the up and down arrows to stay balanced and ensure a safe landing while performing that astounding accomplishment. If you hit your head or tumble into anything.


  • 3 different bike models to use
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • 2 different chapters and 29 levels


How to play

Use the arrow keys to control your character. Use the right and left arrow keys to move forward and backward, respectively. Use the up and down arrow keys to balance your bike


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