Stylist For A Star Arianna

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Stylist For A Star Arianna



Dive into the glitzy world of fashion with “Stylist For A Star Arianna,” the latest sensation in New Girl Games Dress Up. Become the personal stylist for the glamorous star Arianna and unleash your creativity in crafting the most iconic looks. This free online game promises a runway-worthy experience for fashion-forward players.


“Stylist For A Star Arianna” puts you in the shoes of a stylist extraordinaire, tasked with curating Arianna’s wardrobe for various high-profile events. Immerse yourself in the world of celebrity fashion, where every outfit is a statement and every detail matters. Can you rise to the occasion and make Arianna the ultimate style icon?



How to Play:


  1. Access the Game: Visit our website and select “Stylist For A Star Arianna” from the New Girl Games Dress Up section.
  2. Meet Arianna: Get acquainted with the fabulous Arianna, your VIP client.
  3. Event-Specific Wardrobe: Choose outfits tailored for red carpets, award ceremonies, and exclusive parties.
  4. Accessories and Glam: Elevate the look with carefully selected accessories, hairstyles, and makeup options.
  5. Capture the Paparazzi’s Attention: Create show-stopping ensembles that will leave the paparazzi buzzing and the fans swooning.
  6. Share Your Red Carpet Masterpieces: Showcase your styling prowess by sharing your creations with friends and the online fashion community.





  • Celebrity Fashion World: Immerse yourself in the glamorous world of celebrity fashion with Arianna as your canvas.
  • Event-Specific Wardrobe: Access a vast wardrobe with outfits tailored for various high-profile events.
  • Accessory Galore: Choose from a plethora of accessories, hairstyles, and makeup options to perfect the star’s look.
  • Paparazzi Moments: Experience the thrill of creating looks that will capture the attention of paparazzi and fashion critics.
  • Social Media Sharing: Share your stylistic masterpieces with friends and fellow fashion enthusiasts.





  • Web Browsers
  • Mobile Devices





  • On a computer, use your mouse to navigate through the wardrobe and create Arianna’s celestial look.
  • On mobile devices, tap and swipe to explore options, mix and match, and capture the celestial glamour.
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