Subway Surf 2

4.6/5 - (25 votes)

To stay alive, you must speed along a railway track while avoiding trains and bollards in Subway Surf 2. You’re a sprightly youngster with the stamina to leap over obstacles and dodge perils. You’re being pursued by a cop, so keep moving forward!

As obstacles and trains come at you, giving you little time to react, this running game puts your reflexes to the test. Avoid hitting with other vehicles because this will force you to slow down, allowing the cop to approach you and eventually arrest you.


  • 3D endless running game on train track
  • Smooth mouse controls
  • Buyable upgrades
  • Usable power-ups to help you in the game
  • Cool graphics
  • Platform
  • Web browser

How to play

Drag left mouse button to left, right, up, and down to move.

Youtube Preview