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Description is an io shooting game in which you compete against two other players in a battle arena. Pick a weapon and dive right into the fast-paced combat.

You can use each character’s special abilities, known as cards, to your advantage when competing against other players. Earn points by defeating opponents and capturing the flag to unlock cards and advance to higher tiers for more powerful actions. To tame and eliminate formidable opponents, use them strategically.


Fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay
Maps of close quarters
Skins, cards, and emotes may all be unlocked.
For a seamless gameplay experience, choose clean 3D visuals.

How to play

  • WASD to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • R to reload
  • E to do melee attack
  • F to throw items
  • B to buy
  • Shift or RMG to focus
  • H to dance
  • Enter to chat
  • Hold B to turn cards
  • LMB to shoot
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