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The new challenge in this stickman game series is Vex 6. To save your life, you must run, leap, and dive past all of the obstacles. Let’s see how far you can make it.

In this fast-paced platform game, you’ll have to leap over giant saw blades, speed across tumbling bridges, and bounce off the walls. There are a few kites that will let you to soar across some significant distances as you attempt to reach each of the checkpoints.

See How can you reach the checkpoints and make it to the end of each act in this thrilling action game? Leap or soar across gaps while avoiding several hazards in a series of perilous obstacle courses.
How to play

On keyboard: use the Arrow-keys or WASD-keys to move your character around.

On mobile use the left/right arrow buttons and Jump/Slide on the screen.

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