FNF Maginage Matches

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FNF Maginage Matches – [Friday Night Funkin’]

In the Maginage Matches mod for Friday Night Funkin’, you can relive your high school days and your first musical clashes. Return to the beginning, when Boyfriend (then just known as Boy) attempted to impress Girl, the most popular student in high school. Boyfriend had the brilliant idea of challenging Tac, the nicest guy in school, to a rap battle. And the first musical notes will be performed on the song Tic Tac Foe. This first combat, though, may not be enough to pique the interest of the other students. Thankfully, Tac’s allies will soon join the fight. In the second song, Hit N Strike, you must beat Lucian while maintaining the tempo in front of an audience.

In the schoolyard, there are a lot of people. To finally capsize Girl’s heart, a final duel against Abby, the best singer at the music school, on the song Acrimony will be required. It’s up to you to play and maintain a rhythm in order to defeat your three opponents for the day!

  • Creator, director : Fran B.
  • Artist : LiterallyNick / Animator : Savisa_art / Programmer : skedacho
  • Musicians : Absolmocha – Axolotoflotls – Veronyx – JADS
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