Slope Tunnel

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Slope Tunnel is a fantastic arcade game that, in terms of quality, is akin to Tunnel Rush. You must guide a ball through a succession of 3D mazes in this game. You must react quickly to guide the ball through because it goes at a fast pace. To control the ball’s movement, use the left and right arrows; you must hop from platform to platform while keeping the ball rolling at all costs.

Only move your ball onto the green platforms; if you touch any of the other platforms, your run will finish and you will have to begin again. Remember to collect the small dots to increase your score while slowing down your movement.
Feature : 

  • Intense platforms avoiding game in a green tunnel
  • Constantly increasing speed that can be reduced by collecting the small white dots
  • Randomly generated platforms with each new game
  • You can only make the ball jump to the left or right

How to play

To make the ball jump left or right, use the left and right arrows.

Youtube Preview